Manufacture involves the production of goods through organized processes, utilizing machinery, labor, and raw materials. It encompasses the entire production cycle, from design and fabrication to distribution, ensuring the creation of high-quality products efficiently.


What LinkEazi Can Do

Our team possesses rich experience and professional knowledge in talent recruitment and management.


We can locate your talent in less than 7 natural days.

Position Publishing

We have different channels for Chinese candidates and for local candidates.

Administration of Personel

1.Payroll calculation
2.Payroll dispense
3.Tax payment
5.Contract/Onboarding management
6.Candidate lay off
7.100%approved REPSE


We can assist you with IMSS calculation, net salary pay in accordance with local labor law.

Back groud check

We can provide back ground check services for candidates.

Employee expenses management

Employee expenses management refers to the process of overseeing, controlling, and optimizing the costs incurred by employees during the course of their work.


We Provide Quality Not Quantity

We are well versed in providing candidates to cope with the changing requirements and speed delivery.

  • Fast In Response

    Our responde time is always less than 12 hours. Candidate delivery speed less than 7 days.

  • AlL Across Mexico

    Our service covers the whole Mexican territory.

  • 100% Legal

    We are REPSE certified and can make our clients completely carefree of the legal issue.

  • Multiple Solutions

    We have solutions for all type of clients. With all level of price.

  • Professional Services Team

    We can communite with clients in Enlgish/Chinese and Spanish.

  • Chinese Talents Community

    We have 4 wechat recruitment group of our own and more thank 20 other wechat groups in Mexico for job publishing.