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We employ our unique search methodology to enuse you get the best-fit candidates.


What LinkEazi Can Do

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We can locate your talent in less than 7 natural days.

Position Publishing

We have different channels for Chinese candidates and for local candidates.

Administration of Personel

1.Payroll calculation
2.Payroll dispense
3.Tax payment
5.Contract/Onboarding management
6.Candidate lay off
7.100%approved REPSE


We Provide Quality Not Quantity

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  • Fast In Response

    Our responde time is always less than 12 hours. Candidate delivery speed less than 7 days.

  • Chinese Talents Community

    We have 4 wechat recruitment group of our own and more thank 20 other wechat groups in Mexico for job publishing.

  • Professional Services Team

    We can communite with clients in Enlgish/Chinese and Spanish.

  • Multiple Solutions

    We have solutions for all type of clients. With all level of price.

  • 100% Legal

    We are REPSE certified and can make our clients completely carefree of the legal issue.

  • AlL Across Mexico

    Our service covers the whole Mexican territory.