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Linkeazi is a comprehensive human resources service agency that specializes in talent recruitment, talent management, compensation optimization, and labor outsourcing in Mexico. Our mission is to connect talent with opportunities and provide all-encompassing human resources solutions to businesses and organizations, helping them succeed in a competitive market.


Linkeazi offers a diverse range of services covering various industries and functional domains, including but not limited to:

  • High-tech industry
  • Finance and investment
  • Healthcare and wellness
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Media and entertainment
  • Education and research

Talent Recruitment: With an extensive talent network and industry insights, we assist companies in quickly finding suitable candidates. Through meticulous screening, interviewing, and assessment, we recommend high-quality candidates to clients, reducing recruitment cycles and costs.

Executive Search: For critical positions, we provide high-level executive search services. Our consultant team seeks candidates with strategic vision and leadership qualities based on client needs, helping companies find the most suitable leadership talent.

Talent Management Consulting: We offer professional consulting not only during the recruitment phase but also in talent management. We help companies formulate talent development strategies, enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty, thereby strengthening organizational stability and competitiveness.

Compensation Optimization: Our compensation experts deeply understand industry trends and competitive landscapes, providing consultancy in compensation strategy development and structure optimization. We assist companies in balancing internal fairness and market competitiveness, ensuring that the compensation system motivates employees while aligning with organizational goals.

Labor Outsourcing: We provide flexible labor outsourcing solutions for companies, allowing them to focus on core business functions. From talent screening to compensation management, we handle a range of human resources management tasks, relieving operational pressures for businesses.

Industry Insights and Research: Our team regularly conducts industry research, gaining deep insights into market trends and talent requirements. We share these insights with clients, aiding them in better formulating talent recruitment, development, compensation, and labor outsourcing strategies.

Our Values:

01.Professionalism and Innovation:

Our team possesses rich talent recruitment experience and expertise, continuously exploring innovative solutions to ensure clients receive excellent service experiences.

02.Integrity and Collaboration:

We collaborate with clients based on principles of honesty and transparency, building trusting relationships, and collectively pursuing success in talent recruitment, compensation optimization, and labor outsourcing.

03.Focus on Personal Development:

We believe every individual has boundless potential. We are dedicated to helping them find the most suitable career opportunities, achieving mutual growth in both personal and professional aspects.

We would like to help!

Whether you need outstanding talent, optimized compensation strategies, or wish to outsource human resources management, Linkeazi is your ideal partner. We eagerly look forward to providing top-notch talent services, compensation management consultancy, and labor outsourcing solutions, jointly creating a brighter future for careers.

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